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* is a website run by Dr Richard Roscoe. All content is by said author unless otherwise indicated.


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If you would like to order an image, please clearly indicate which image you are interested in - right-click on the image with your mouse and note the image name/number. The use (i.e. intended print size) is important, since sharpness, grainyness etc. can vary and this allows me to make sure that the picture you are interested in will meet your requirements. Following payment, a high resolution digital image will be made available for download, sent via email or on a CD (postage costs would need to be added in this case), depending on your wishes.

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Special rates will be offered to Museums / Conservation Organisations


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You do not need to email me for permission to make reference to my website or to make links thereto. Also, no permission is required to (i) download pictures in the sizes provided (up to 900x600 pixels) in the public parts of the website for personal use, (ii) to use up to 3 pictures on non-commercial websites as long as a clickable link to is provided next to each picture, (iii) to use photos in school projects as long as these are not published outside of school too.

Permission is granted under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation, to use images from this site insofar as their resolution does not exceed 200x300 pixels. Images with a resolution above this level are explicitly excluded from GFDL usage. The intention is to allow Wikipedia authors to make use of the images, without opening the door to commercial abuse.

The text of the GFDL can be viewed on

If you wish to use any photo for a commercial website or other publication purposes of any kind, please contact me.


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I will try and answer all serious emails, although this may sometimes take a while - please be patient.


* ist eine Webseite von Dr Richard Roscoe. Alle Texte und Bilder stammen von diesem Author, falls nicht anders angegeben.

Obwohl die Webseite Englischsprachig ist, können Sie mir gerne auf Deutsch schreiben, wenn Sie eine Frage haben.



Benderstrasse 18, D-81247 München

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